Boys Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of America
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For more than one hundred years, the Boy Scouts of America has provided programs with a mission of preparing young people for adulthood – and to be responsible citizens. Scouting offers exciting programs designed to inspire, build character, and instill the values boys and girls need to succeed today.

The Greater Alabama Council is the local office for the national Boy Scouts organization. Our council is made up of a few dozen paid professional staff members and thousands of volunteer staff members, all tasked with ensuring you have the resources you need to make Scouting fun and successful in your community.

We partner with schools, PTAs/PTOs, service clubs, religious organizations, local agencies, and more to offer programs in your area for girls and boys ages 6-21 that have been proven to foster and strengthen self-confidence, ethics, respect for others, academic skills, and leadership abilities that stay with them their entire lives.