2018 Day of Caring

United Way of Marshall County is gearing up for its Annual Day of Caring event which will be held Tuesday, September 11. On this day, groups of volunteers as well as individual volunteers will go out to local nonprofit agencies for a day of service. Day of Caring will begin at 7:30 a.m. with a breakfast held at the First Baptist Church of Albertville. Participation in Day of Caring is open to everyone. Breakfast tickets and t-shirts are $8 each and are free to participating project volunteers.

The projects available are:


A1       CASA – Christmas Cookies for our Annual Christmas Food and Gift Bag Project to be held on Dec. 13, 2018. 450 packages of cookies needed total. Each bag contains 3 cookies each tied with a ribbon. An optional note can be attached to let them know it is from your group! Several groups needed to provide enough for everyone.

NEW! A2 CASA – Christmas Cards for Food and Gift Bags. 450 signed cards needed. Signature suggestion: “Thinking of you during the holidays.” “Hope your new year is happy and healthy.” “From your CASA friends and supporters.” Company name can also be added.

A3       Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Music is wonderful therapy. If you sing, play an instrument, or have a small group, consider giving a concert (35-45 min.) for a patient/family in their home or at Shepherd’s Cove. Time may be arranged through Hospice. Hospice will provide transportation and staff will accompany you. No lunch provided.

A4       Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Photography! Make memories for a Hospice patient and their family by taking family photos and putting together an album. Hospice will arrange a time with families. This will take about 3 hours and will start after the breakfast. No lunch provided.


B1       American Red Cross - Fire Safety Campaign/Smoke Detector Installation. You can help us save lives! Did you know that Alabama ranks among the top 10 states in the nation in terms of fire deaths and injuries? Many times, these deaths or injuries are due to a lack of smoke detectors in the home. And sadly, children and the elderly disproportionately lose their lives. The American Red Cross wants to improve these odds and save lives.  Immediately following the Day of Caring breakfast, we need a volunteer team (big or small) to help us canvass an area in Marshall County in which many homes may not have smoke detectors and leave flyers about our smoke detector installation project. Your team can volunteer one hour, two hours or several hours to help us create awareness and spread the word about our fire safety campaign. We also need volunteers to help install the smoke detectors on another date to be determined. The American Red Cross will provide the smoke detectors, batteries and plans. The smoke detectors are easy to install and save lives!

B2       CAJA – Landscape Shape Up. Our facility needs mulch for our flower beds, weeding, pruning of shrubs and killing weeds/grass coming up in our driveway.

B3       CASA – Lawn Care. Help with basic lawncare for an elderly or homebound CASA client. Trim hedges, cut grass, remove debris, possible plant flowers, etc. Home will be in Albertville/Guntersville area.

B4       CASA – Weatherization for doors and windows. Basic materials provided. Please bring your own tools such as a tape measure, nails, hammer, screwdrivers and a way to cut the materials provided to fit. Help reduce utility cost for area seniors.

B5       CASA – Build Wheelchair Ramp. Supervision will be provided for your team along with the needed supplies. This provides freedom and a safe exit for those who are isolated and unable to get out of their home with assistance. Basic tools would need to be brought by each team.

NEW! B6 CASA – Minor Home Repairs – Will help offer safety and dignity for our elderly clients. For many, once it is broken it stays broken as they do not have the means or ability for minor repairs.

B7       Child Advocacy Center – Outdoor Clean-up. General yard work such as weeding the flower beds, picking up limbs, cleaning the gutters, etc. Volunteers need to provide yard tools, ladders, etc.  Lunch provided.

B8       Child Advocacy Center – Kitchen Floor Redo. The linoleum in the kitchen is cracked and peeling. It needs new linoleum or tile put down. Volunteers need to provide flooring and labor. Lunch provided.

NEW! B9 Child Advocacy Center – Storm Door Replaced. Glass storm door needs to be replaced or hydraulic fixed. Agency will buy materials needed for the repair. Lunch provided.

NEW! B10 Child Advocacy Center – Living Room Painted. The CAC would like to have the living room painted. Agency will provide all paint and supplies for project. Lunch provided.

NEW! B11 Child Advocacy Center – Back Deck. Our back deck needs to be pressure washed and restained. Agency will provide paint/stain and painting supplies. Material needed from volunteers are pressure washer/spray painter. Lunch provided.

NEW! B12 Child Advocacy Center – Kitchen Cabinets. Need someone to replace kitchen cabinets. All materials necessary for repair will be provided by the agency. Volunteers need to bring any special tools required. Lunch provided.

NEW! B13 Child Advocacy Center – Closet Door. We need our closet door track fixed. Agency will provide any materials needed to repair. Volunteers will need to bring basic tools. Lunch provided.   

NEW! B14 Domestic Violence Crisis Services – Outside Shelter – Shelter for the victims to go to outside when it is hot and raining. Just something simple would be great, such as a gazebo. Agency would provide cost for materials (wood). Volunteers need to provide power tools. Lunch provided.

NEW! B15 Family Services of North Alabama – Office Flooring Replacement – Our office will need the carpet ripped up in lobby and hallway and laminate wood flooring completed. Agency will provide laminate wood floor material. Volunteers need to provide any materials needed to put down flooring. Lunch provided.

B16     Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama – Multiple Projects at Camp Trico. We will set up multiple projects that can be done by individuals or groups of volunteers. Picnic tables, benches, painting, erosion control, trail maintenance. Repair and refurbish picnic tables and benches. Install low retaining wall and gravel at building entrances to control mud being tracked in. Repair and paint shutters. Clear brush from trails.

NEW! B17 Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama – Camp Trico – Build stairs in the side of the hill going up to the Hillwood Cabin. Approximately 10 stairs made with rail road ties, pavers, bricks, etc. Camp Trico Dining Hall Retaining Wall – Replace old rail road tie retaining wall with new railroad ties or block wall. Approximately 60 feet long and 3 feet tall at the tallest place. Tractor with front end loader is onsite and available to assist with the project. Agency will provide rail road ties, tractor and tractor driver. Volunteers need to provide tools. Lunch provided.

B18     Marshall County Arc – Van Washing. We need our five 15-passenger vans washed, vacuumed, wiped down interior, and clean windows with Windex. Agency will provide all cleaning supplies. Lunch provided.

B19     Marshall County Christian Services – Second Chance Food Pantry in Albertville. Clean and organize the food pantry. Make food boxes for distribution. ADOPTED

B20     Marshall County Christian Services – TESA (Temporary Emergency Services of Arab). Sort donated merchandise and food.

B21 Marshall County Home Place – Pressure Wash Thrift Store - Spruce up the outside of our new thrift store location. Project includes pressure washing the front exterior and sidewalk. Must provide your own pressure washer and hoses. ADOPTED

B22     Marshall County Homeless Ministries– First Impressions. Clean up and beautify the area at the entrance to the Neighborhood Inn. Clear brush, undergrowth, remove debris, plant shrubs or flowers around sign and gates.

B23     RSVP – Don’t do windows? Well, maybe for a good cause. All windows at RSVP are plate glass, store front type, ground level windows – no ladders needed. Great photo op for your company Facebook page. Your choice: RSVP will furnish hand wash cleaning materials or your group can supply more professional squeegees, etc. Water, sodas, coffee, tea and snacks provided.

B24     RSVP – Create a Shine. RSVP needs Shine-makers! We have a bus, van and Dodge Caravan to be washed, if your team will make them shine. RSVP will supply the buckets, rags and step-stools. We do not have a shady area in our parking lot. Maybe we could bring them to you if you have a covered spot. Water, sodas, coffee, tea and snacks provided. Great photo opportunity for your company Facebook page.

B25     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Stripe Parking Lot – Shepherd’s Cove Hospice parking lot need a touch up by re-painting stripes. This project can be completed at anytime or over multiple dates. Supplies furnished. Restriping Needed in front, side and back parking lots.

B26     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Give a patient a hand by helping with some household chores. Give a few hours following breakfast. Hospice will arrange the assignment. No lunch provided.

B27     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Adopt a Yard. Some patients/families aren’t able to mow their yards or pay to have it done. Please assist by moving, weeding or planting fall plants. 2 to 4 hours would be appreciated—following the breakfast. Hospice will arrange the assignments. No lunch provided.

B28     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Lend your hand for washing the windows located at Shepherd’s Cove Hospice. 2 to 4 hours would be appreciated. Can be conducted following the breakfast or on another day of your choice. No lunch provided.

B29     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Lend your hand for washing the outside wooden rocking chairs located on the patios around Shepherd’s Cove Hospice. 2 to 4 hours would be appreciated. Can be conducted following the breakfast or on another day of your choice. No lunch provided.

B30     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Lend your hand for weeding the flower beds around Shepherd’s Cove Hospice. 2 to 4 hours would be appreciated. Can be conducted following the breakfast or on another day of your choice. No lunch provided.

B31     United Way of Marshall County – Clean Office Building. The exterior of the United Way office building needs pressure washing. You will need to bring your own pressure washer.

B32     United Way of Marshall County – Yard Maintenance. The United Way office has a small yard that needs fresh pine straw and needs to be mowed along with de-weeding the flower beds.



NEW! H1 American Red Cross – Give the gift of life. Parker Hannafin, Corporation will once again host a blood drive at its company location at 301 Wagner Drive in Boaz. This drive is open to the public.

NEW! H2 CAJA – Art Supply Drive – Collecting art supplies and activity packs that can be shared with foster children in group homes or in court. Packs of crayons, colored pencils, markers, coloring books (children and adult), journals, and other activity kits (paint by number, fuzzy posters, craft kits).

NEW! H3 CAJA – Gift and Gas Card Drive – Collecting gift cards and gas cards of various amounts, starting at $10 to provide to volunteers who drive out of county or out of state on behalf of the children they advocate for and to provide some of our teens in foster care with small gifts for milestone or accomplishment recognition.

NEW! H4 CAJA – Office Supply Drive – Copy paper, 3-hole punched copy paper, legal pads, and one-partition classification folders.

NEW! H5 CASA - Gift Certificate for Office Supplies or a donation of the basics. Copier paper, envelopes, paper clips, ink cartridge.

H6       Child Advocacy Center — Office Supply Drive. We need copy paper (white and colored), paper clips, post it notes, file folders, staples, tape for desk dispensers, Kleenex, toilet paper, paper towels, drawing paper, zip lock bags (all sizes), dish washing liquid, Clorox wipes, garbage bags (tall).

H7       Domestic Violence Crisis Services –Cleaning Supplies/Paper Products Drive. Cleaning supplies such as mops, brooms, dust pans, laundry detergent, Windex, Clorox, Pine Sol and dishwashing detergent. Paper products such as toilet paper, paper towel, plastic cups, Ziploc bags, aluminum foil and garbage bags. All of these items are needed to keep up the shelter.

H8       Domestic Violence Crisis Services – Canned Food Drive. Canned foods such as vegetables of any kind, soups, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce and juices. Boxed food such as noodles, crackers, sugar, flour and baking goods.

H9       Domestic Violence Crisis Services – Gift and Gas Card Drive. Victims need gas cards to help get them to and from appointments such as doctors, housing, jobs and job interviews, DHR and court. Gift cards are needed when the victim has an emergency need that we may not have funds for such as special-sized clothing, food and or medication.

NEW! H10 Family Services of North Alabama – SASS – Sexual Assault Support Services Supply Drive – Any gift card donations for the food or gas in the amount of $5 - $25 would be greatly appreciated. These resources will provide aid to survivors of sexual assault.

H11     Marshall County Arc – Paper Products Drive. We use a great deal of paper products and could use paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, paper plates, plastic forks and spoons, paper/plastic cups, straws, lots of wipes, etc.

H12     Marshall County Arc – Cleaning Supplies DriveWe use a great deal of cleaning supplies to clean the building and for training purposes for our clients. We can use all-purpose cleaners, antibacterial cleaners, Clorox Wipes, Comet/Ajax, window cleaner, dish washing liquid, dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent, drying softener sheets, liquid fabric softener, toilet and sink cleaners, disinfectant spray, air fresheners, liquid hand soap.

H13     Marshall County Child Development Center (Boaz) – Clean Hands and Face Drive. Dirty hands and dirty faces are plentiful when you have a classroom full of children! Please help us out with baby wipes, Kleenex and Lysol spray. ADOPTED

H14     Marshall County Child Development Center (Boaz) – Children’s Book Drive. We need new books for our classrooms. Books appropriate for 12 months to 5 years would be greatly appreciated. Simple story books, board books, touch and feel books, picture books, etc.

H15     Marshall County Child Development Center (Guntersville) – Office Supply Drive. We need tape, tape dispensers, staples, staplers, letter-sized copy paper, color copy paper, post it notes and permanent markers. Please contact United Way of Marshall County for a complete wish list.

H16     Marshall County Child Development Center (Guntersville) – Craft Supplies. Our kids need glue, glitter, eyes, pompoms, paint, finger paint, construction paper, stickers, markers, etc. all types of school and art supplies.

H17     Marshall County Child Development Center (Guntersville) – Center Needs Drive. We need head lice kits, spray (bedding) for lice, Band-Aids, soap, antibacterial soap, disinfectant spray, all-purpose cleaner, Clorox, paper towels, etc.  

H18     Marshall County Christian Services – Second Chance Food Pantry. Our pantry is almost bare! We cannot keep up with the demand for food. Organize a food drive and bring the food to our location. ADOPTED

H19     Marshall County Christian Services – Second Chance Thrift Store. Work in the Albertville thrift store organizing merchandise and donations.

H20     Marshall County Foster & Adoptive Parents Association – Toys for Tiny Ones. We would like to be able to provide every child coming into care with a new, age-appropriate toy. Just knowing someone cares can help make the transition into foster care much easier. Sometimes the absolute best way to say you care to a child is by giving him/her a toy. A toy can be a friend; a toy can be a safe haven with which to get their mind off of the trial currently in their life. A toy can be therapy. We need toys for boys and girls of all ages. Coloring books with crayons, dolls, toy cars, games ... whatever works. Just make sure they are age appropriate and, where possible, teach good habits or increase motor skills, etc.

H21     Marshall County Foster & Adoptive Parents Association – Entry Tickets to Local Attractions. Provide Marshall County DHR with some entry tickets to local movies, bowling, skating and other fund attractions to be distributed to foster families and children. These items could be a reward for improved behavior at school or stepping out to try something new. These items could also be used as door prizes when the teens and foster families meet for their training meetings.

H22     Marshall County Foster & Adoptive Parents Association –Cards for Emergencies and Rewards. Provide Marshall County DHR with some store gift cards that could be used to purchase emergency items when children come into care in the middle of the night. Children may need diapers, formula or other over-the-counter medicine before they are taken to a foster home for the night. We could also use some of these gift cards as a reward to a teen who accomplishes a significant achievement or just makes improvement in their school work, extra-curricular achievement or is getting ready to set up an apartment as they age out of care. We have countless needs and gift cards from any of the stores in the county would be appreciated. We would prefer to receive gift cards in various amounts starting at $10.00 so they could be shared with more families.

H23     Marshall County Foster & Adoptive Parents Association – Kits for Kids. Provide Marshall County DHR with tote bags stuffed with personal grooming needs for children of all ages who might come into foster care. Children are picked up by social workers at all hours of the day and night and it would be great to have a tote bag ready to go to a foster home with items that every child will need. Items can include: shampoo, conditioner, other hair products, baby wipes and lotion, hair brushes, combs, ponytail holders, deodorant, shaving supplies and other items. Anything you want to include would be greatly appreciated. 

H24     Marshall County Foster & Adoptive Parents Association – Shoes Make Me Smile. Children coming into foster care come with literally the clothes on their backs; typically tattered and worn. As a part of our care package, and when other needs arise, we would like to present the child/children with new shoes. New shoes just make you feel good sometimes…new shoes just make you smile sometimes. If they do that for us, imagine what it will do for a child coming into foster care. A child scared about his/her present condition; a child scared about his/her future. Help us alleviate some of that fear and concern. Help us create a smile. We need shoes of all kinds and sizes, for boys and girls. We would love for them to be new shoes in a box, if possible. 

H25     Marshall County Foster & Adoptive Parents Association – Car Seat Drive. We need car seats. We need seats for infants, seats for babies and toddlers, and booster seats for older children. Typically, foster parents have seats that can be used when children are in their care but there are times when having seats available would be a tremendous gift. We would also like to send children home with a safe car seat, if possible. Oftentimes, parents can’t afford the seats and limited means of acquiring them leads to unsafe situations with the wrong seat, with an expired seat, or even no seat. We would prefer new seats but will accept gently-used ones as well as long as the expiration date is valid.

H26     Marshall County Guardianship Program – Personal Hygiene Items/Toiletry Drives. We need liquid soap, all sizes of adult brief for males and females, lotions with some being diabetic lotions.

H27     Marshall County Home Place – Supplies for Home Place Residents. Because food stamps only pay for food, please assist the homeless families residing at Home Place by providing food storage items such as foil, plastic wrap, quart/gallon freezer bags and cleaning supplies such as dish detergent, liquid washing machine detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, glass cleaner and disinfecting household cleaner.

H28     Marshall County Homeless Ministries (Room in the Inn) – No Job is Complete Until the Paperwork is Done. Collect paper products to be used at the Neighborhood Inn and for the Room In The Inn Season. Toilet paper, paper towels, copy paper, 45-gallon trash bags, Murphy’s Oil soap for hardwood floors.

H29     Marshall County Homeless Ministries (Room in the Inn) – Operation Clean Laundry. Collect laundry pods and dryer sheets for use at the Neighborhood Inn and Room In the In Season.

H30     RSVP - Cartridges. You’ve got them and we need them. Collect used computer printer and plain paper fax ink cartridges. Our senior computer lab recycles them. This can be an on-going project.

H31     RSVP – Reading Buddies Book Drive. RSVP Reading Buddies give their students a new book during the Christmas season to encourage reading while school is out. This requires several hundred books. Please help us by purchasing a new picture book suitable for K-2nd Graders. Reading Buddies volunteer to work one-on-one once a week with children that are below grade level at elementary schools in the county to help them improve their reading skills.

H32     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Office supply drive! We run a very busy office. Help us with operating expenses by collecting office supplies such as paper clips, pens, copy paper, post it notes, note pads, highlighters, staples, 3-ring binders (1” to 3”) etc. This can be an on-going project.

H33     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – TLC toiletries drive. We need full-size toiletries (deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, shaving supplies, socks (for men and women), washcloths, lotion, tissues, tooth brushes and tooth paste) to put into “Get Acquainted/TLC” bags for homecare patients. This can be an on-going project.

H34     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – SCH provides Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to needy patients. Help us by collecting non-perishable food items. These collections can be done closer to the actual holidays if preferred.

H35     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice - Senior Support Drive. Shepherd’s Cove Hospice sponsors events at Christmas time for area senior citizens. Examples of much needed donations include Dollar Tree items such as kitchen towels, socks, ball caps, yard decorations, dish detergent, hand soap, lotion, paper products, laundry detergent, candy, cookies, trinkets, stationery, cards, framed prints, gardening tools, pens, pill boxes, sewing kits, manicure kits, etc. In order to accommodate the scheduled events, these items would need to be collected prior to Thanksgiving. (Christmas themed gifts are also appreciated, i.e. Santa, nativity scene, Rudolf, snowflakes or holly ornaments, towels, trinkets, etc.)

H36     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Sheet/Gown Collection Drive. We are in need of bed sheets for use on hospital beds; twin extra-long size with deep pockets. We also need gowns for our female home-care patients; stretchy material (similar to t-shirt material) and adult wipes and incontinence pads. 


NEW! P1 CASA – CASA Cares program needs volunteers to provide and send greeting cards for birthdays, thinking of you, holidays. You can adopt a client or two and help them remember that someone cares and they are not alone. Calls and visits can also be made after a few cards have been mailed.

P2       Marshall County Arc – Cookout and Lunch with the Clients of the ARC – Grill out hamburgers and hot dogs for the individuals we serve as well as staff and volunteers washing our vans. Also provide chips, baked beans, beef, wieners, buns and dessert. Total count would be Consumers we serve (43), staff of ARC (14), volunteers working that day (10) plus those providing cookout. Agency will provide barbecue grill, plates, utensils, and drinks.

P3       Marshall County Child Development Center (Boaz) – What’s cooking? Have a fun day of activities and a cookout with kids 18 mo. to 5 years.

P4       Marshall County Child Development Center (Guntersville) – Spend time in the Classroom. Play with blocks, read, work puzzles, color, sing, rock and have fun with the kids. One visitor per room; 8 classes total. ADOPTED

P5       Marshall County Foster & Adoptive Parents Association – Adoption Celebration. November is National Adoption Month and every year the Marshall County Department of Human Resources hosts a celebration for families that have been created through adoption from foster care in the past year. We need a sponsor to provide cake, drinks and other snacks, if desired, and paper products to host the event. We would also request helium balloons to be released at the celebration. The event is generally held toward the middle of November and volunteers could also come to the office to set up and attend the event, if desired (a confidentiality agreement would need to be completed). The DHR staff will handle the guest list for the celebration. A gift certificate could be provided to purchase supplies, if desired.

P6       Meals on Wheels – Meet & Greet & Serve. Help serve meals to those at the senior centers or join them in an activity such as games, cards, exercise, singing, square dancing, etc. Choose a location! There are 7 participating centers: Albertville, Arab, Boaz, Guntersville, Douglas, Martling and Grant. Volunteers will start at 9:30 a.m. and continue until noon.

P7       Meals on Wheels – Pack & Deliver Meals. Bring a smile to someone’s day and fill a tremendous need by helping pack and deliver meals to the homebound. Select a senior center to work with (Albertville, Arab, Boaz, Guntersville, Douglas, Martling or Grant). Delivery will start at 9:30 a.m. and will take about 3 hours.

P8       Meals on Wheels – Volunteers will help with meals in the center and delivery of homebound meals. In the past, some have sang songs while delivering to our homebound (which they loved). Interact with the participants in the centers. Also help with preparing the meals to be delivered (packaging and loading the meals in the vehicle to be delivered).

P9       RSVP – One-Day Reading Buddies. Read to your favorite age group (K-2) at participating school, you choose: Albertville Primary, Arab Primary, Brindlee Mtn. Primary, Brindlee Mtn. Elementary (Grassy), Claysville, DAR, Guntersville Elementary, Sloman Primary, Asbury Primary and Boaz Elementary. Time may be arranged.

P10     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Celebrate Life Party! Sponsor a party for patients (some may need transportation to the event). This project requires prior planning (at least 10 business days prior to party date). The party may be held before or after D.O.C. Party should last about 2 to 4 hours in an afternoon and can be held at SCH.

P11     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Enjoy cooking? Give caregivers a break by preparing and serving a homemade meal for a homebound patient or family. Please prepare food prior to arrival and deliver in disposable containers. Time and dates are open.

P12     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Make a Last Wish Come True. Often times it is the desired wish of a dying patient to live out a final request such as: view the beach for the first time. Play with their grandchildren at an amusement park. Picnic with small children. Purchase a loved one a legacy item for example: a keepsake locket. Last anniversary celebration. Birthday party celebration. Fishing trip. Cruise, etc. The requests are always as unique as the patients we serve and can occur at any time of the year. If chosen, the volunteer(s) will be notified when a wish is known.

P13     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Camp HOPE (Activity Project). This is a great project for a group. Camp HOPE is a one-day grief camp serving children and families in grief. We are in need of arts and crafts supplies for the attendees and then help with the set-up. Or, the group could purchase butterflies for the release ceremony and join attendees and staff at the closing ceremony.

P14     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Camp HOPE (Sponsor a meal and Food Preparation). Prepare the meal for one of the Camp HOPE events and the participants. (In the past estimated # of participants to include staff and volunteers is 200.) You may come onsite and cook/grill the food or prepare off site. Camp HOPE is a one day grief day camp for children and their families who have experienced a significant death. Camp HOPE is offered twice a year. The Fall Camp HOPE is offered to children ages kindergarten to 12th grade. It is considered a field trip for students enrolled in SCH In School Bereavement Program. The Family Camp HOPE is offered each spring to children and their families. It is typically hosted on a Saturday in May.

P15     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Work in SCH Thrift Shoppe. Lend a hand by accepting donations, sorting and hanging clothes. Can work after the DOC breakfast or any time during the year. 

P16     Shepherd’s Cove Hospice – Camp HOPE. Training to be provided for those interested in volunteering time and talent. This is a great group project. Camp HOPE is a one-day grief camp serving children and families in grief. Volunteer opportunities are available in the following areas: day of event set-up, registration, canoeing, ropes course, yoga, meal preparation, arts & crafts and closing ceremony. Will be conducted in the fall (probably Oct. or Nov.)